A group for iOS and Mac developers who want to explore all that’s new and fascinating in Apple development. Expect deep dives and bleeding edge stuff.

We meet quarterly in London. For updates on new events, join the Meetup group or follow @NSLondonMeetup on Twitter.

If you are interested in speaking at a future event, then please fill in our speaker proposal form. We welcome first-time speakers and want to help you get started.

Code of Conduct

2021.4 at GoodNotes

Bruno Bilescky - Scaling your app

Jacob Bartlett - Clean Networking with Combine

Abdul Ajetunmobi - Quick intro to ShazamKit

2021.3 on Zoom

Yahya Saddiq - Swift Memory Management and Debugging

2020.3 on Zoom

Andrea Scuderi - AWS Lambda in Swift

Q1 2019 at Trainline

Matthew Hasler and Oliver Poole - UI testing without the UI

Joshua Garnham - Pushing Protocols to Their Limits

Douglas Hill - Full keyboard control in iOS apps

Sam Clewlow - A brave new mobile world

Q3.5 2018 at Deliveroo

Jessica Rose - Burnout and Balance

Carla Goldstein - Dynamic UITableViews do’s and don’ts

Daniel Leivers - GraphQL for mobile developers