A group for iOS and Mac developers who want to explore all that's new and fascinating in Apple development. Expect deep dives and bleeding edge stuff.

We meet quarterly in London. For updates on new events, join the Meetup group or follow us on Mastodon, X/Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

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2024.2 at Monzo

Markos Zoulias Charatzas — Debugging Closed Source Code - A whodunnit mystery

Mohamed El Eryan — Spatial Shift: Navigating the Future of Business in the Era of Spatial Computing

2024.1 at Trainline

Phil Nash — Rewiring your brain, with Test Driven Thinking

Marcel Mierzejewski — Redefining Crypto in Revolut 10: A Case of Pragmatic iOS Development

2023.5 at Onfido

Rahul Amin — Onfido Demo

Muralidharan Kathiresan — How to Create a Good Pull Request - and How to Review One?

Nikita Maidanov — How to Get More In-App Subscriptions

Wonderlust at Deloitte Digital

September Event Keynote viewing party

2023.4 at Ford

Simon Leigh — Ditto: Next-Level Mobile Connectivity, Offline-First Database and Peer-to-Peer Sync for Uninterrupted App Performance

Haz Hubble — Building an AI concierge

Tony Short — The First Thing That is Useful

2023.3 at Monzo

Jonathan Crooke — Scaling iOS at Bumble

Freddie Nicholson — Swift Playgrounds in the classroom with Bouncer

Jacob Bartlett — SwiftUI at scale

2023.2 at AWS

Sebastien Stormacq — Swift, Serverside, Serverless

Andrea Scuderi — Serverless in Swift Like a Breeze

WWDC23 at Deloitte Digital

Keynote viewing party

2023.1 at Just Eat

Tanin Rojanapiansatith — iOS Accessibility — Why/What/How?

Pete Heslop — The Smart Creatives

2022.3 at Bumble

Nikita Mounier — The Composable Architecture… as a high school student

Anurag Ajwani — Modular iOS

2022.2 at Cuvva

Andrew Hart — Building a Spatial Experience: Best practices with AR

Aadil Qureshi — iOS to fight Climate Change

2022.1 at Deloitte Digital

Oliver Binns — Scaling Mobile for a Global Pandemic

Pranav Kasetti — Exploring Swift Collections

2021.4 at GoodNotes

Bruno Bilescky — Scaling your app

Jacob Bartlett — Clean Networking with Combine

Abdul Ajetunmobi — Quick intro to ShazamKit

2021.3 on Zoom

Yahya Saddiq — Swift Memory Management and Debugging

2020.3 on Zoom

Andrea Scuderi — AWS Lambda in Swift

Q1 2019 at Trainline

Matthew Hasler and Oliver Poole — UI testing without the UI

Joshua Garnham — Pushing Protocols to Their Limits

Douglas Hill — Full keyboard control in iOS apps

Sam Clewlow — A brave new mobile world

Q3.5 2018 at Deliveroo

Jessica Rose — Burnout and Balance

Carla Goldstein — Dynamic UITableViews do’s and don’ts

Daniel Leivers — GraphQL for mobile developers